Allora Butchery: "A great range of products available"

We offer the qualities of an old fashioned butcher shop with the convenience of delivery to your door. You have the confidence shopping with a 100% family owned and operated Australian business who aims to supply our customers with the finest quality, freshest and where possible locally produced products available. We only charge the fairest price possible and provide our customers with the personal service they deserve. Our team of dedicated butchers cut your order and pack it to suit your specific needs. They can also assist you with any special dietary requirements.

Allora Butchery Beef is yearling, HORMONE FREE and sourced from local farmers in the Allora district. All bodies are hand selected to ensure that the highest quality product is consistently supplied on a week to week basis.

Allora Butchery Lamb is supplied by a local meat wholesaler. The prime Lambs are sourced from the New England Region.

Allora Butchery Pork is supplied by a local meat wholesaler. Only female pigs are sold through the shop on the grounds that the Pork tastes better as it doesn’t have the taint of boar pigs.

Allora Butchery Chicken is supplied fresh by Provincial Distributors and PFD Food Services.

We make a large variety of award winning flavoured sausages onsite using all fresh ingredients and they include:

Bratwurst Chicken - GF
Chicken Kiev - GF
Chicken Parmagiana - GF
Chicken, Spinach & Pinenuts - GF
Chicken & Vegie - GF
Plain Chicken - GF
Salted Caramel Chicken - GF
Sweet Chilli Mango Chicken - GF
Chicken, Cheese & Chives
Chicken, Mango, Pineapple & Coconut
Cheesy Chicken
Aussie Beef - GF
Bacon, Cheese & Tomato - GF
Beef & Blue Cheese - GF
Beef, Worcestershire & Cracked Pepper - GF
Herb & Garlic - GF
Honey Beef - GF
Meatlovers - GF
Nachos Cheese -GF
Parmesan, Pepper & Spinach - GF
Pepper Steak - GF
Tomato Parmagiana (Beef) - GF
Lamb, Mint & Rosemary - GF
Lamb, Kashmir Curry & Coconut - GF
  Lamb, Cracked Pepper, Coriander & Basil - GF
Lamb, Sweet Potato & Feta - GF
Lamb, Roast Tomato & Cracked Pepper - GF
Lamb, Ginger, Kaffir Lime & Chilli - GF

Apple, Sage & Rosemary (Pork) - GF
Pork, Mango & Macadamia - GF
Sweet Plum Pork - GF
Pork, Maple & Smokey Bacon - GF
Italian Casalinga - GF
Continental Bratwurst - GF
Pork, Apple & Chutney - GF
Pork & Guinness
Gluten Free Beef
Gluten & Preservative Free Beef

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